How I can I create a 3 step opt-in like this?

(Dr. Scott Gray) #1

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

(John Borelli) #2

I believe this was created with LeadPages. Another option might be the use of AngularJS.

(Dr. Scott Gray) #3

lead pages doessnt do this.

(John Borelli) #4

Well, the images are linked to leadpages server. You can’t do this out of the box with any product I know of. This would take custom coding or if there is a third party product out there that will build the html/css/javascript but IS doesn’t have a native way to do this.

(Chae Gardner) #5

You could potentially use something like to do this? Possibly. Might be a stretch.

(Dr. Scott Gray) #6

I’m no coder but is their a way to just copy their code and implement it on your site?

(Chae Gardner) #7

They give you the embed code so I would say yes, but to what extent I’m not sure check them out here

(Dr. Scott Gray) #8

What about using the code on the website that I originally posted? Could I theoretically take that code from the page source?

(Chae Gardner) #9

You’ll have to visit their page. They mention embedding into a webpage but to what extent I don’t know.