How do I find my API Key?

(Trenton King) #1

How do I find my API Key?

(James Mefford) #2

I have removed my post, as the information that I shared was not related to what it is that you are looking for. I apologize for any inconvenience. I referenced some information, dealing with some legacy information.

(John Borelli) #3

Might be a cart before the horse question. Which version of the api are you using? Since documentation for the legacy api isn’t available publicly, I just want to be sure you’re referring to the right one when you use the term “api key”. Mis-understanding of this has cause a great many a lot of time and effort so it doesn’t hurt to check :wink:

(Mike Christianson) #4

Hi @Trenton_King please see Step 2 of which directs you to Thanks!