How do I automatically create referral partner on product purchase?


(Caelan Huntress) #1

I’m running a campaign where all customers of a specific product will become referral partners.

Is there a way I can automate this? I don’t want to ask new customers to immediately fill out their information again - instead, I’d like to provide their tracking link shortly after product purchase.

(Martin Cash) #2

Hi @Caelan_Huntress

You can do it this way with by creating an Action Set that adds the person to the appropriate partner program. You would just choose “Create Referral Partner” from the drop-down, then select which program to add them to.


After the action set is saved, go back to the campaign builder and open the campaign sequence.


Drag over a Action Set (Legacy) object, double-click it and select the Action Set that you created previously.


(James Mefford) #3

I agree with @martinc. This is a nice simple way to accomplish this. Then you should be able to send them a follow-up email with the standard tracking link in it, with the affiliate code merge field merged into the url. If you plan to email them their link right after the action set, I would recommend atleast a 1 minute delay timer before the follow-up email, as the system will need a couple seconds to generate the referral record in the action set.

(Caelan Huntress) #4

Brilliant! Thanks so much.

(Devaraj Sundaram) #6

How do I create the link with the appropriate parameters within the email? I want to do the same thing and send the customers who purchase a product a link they can share with their friends to get a referral discount. I am not clear how to construct the link using merge fields so the person gets credit for purchases made through that link.