How do I add a tag when an appointment is made?

(Andrew Kidd) #1

Hi … I’ve created various appointment links, which I’m using on my website, to allow visitors to book into my diary. Once a booking is made, I want to send the contact a pre-appointment survey.

I figured this would be a campaign, but can’t see how I hook into the appointment to know:

  • add a tag to say the call has been booked
  • the day before the appointment - to send the pre-call email with the survey

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

(Jeff Arnold) #2

What service are you using to book the appointment? AppointmentCore, …?

(Andrew Kidd) #3

Just the basic InfusionSoft appointments feature (links generated per appointment type).

(John Borelli) #4

Using Keap, they have not implemented any followup actions yet. Other than the appointment getting set, there isn’t anything to automate it’s follow up :confused:

(Andrew Kidd) #5

Thanks. I suspected as much. I’ve signed up to ScheduleOnce, and I’ll incorporate the integration with InfusionSoft for now.

(John Borelli) #6

SO is great. Another that works well is AppointmentCore :wink:

(Jeff Arnold) #7

Take a look and see if this helps:


(Andrew Kidd) #8

Thanks for the detailed reply, Jeff … It looks like I’m trialling with Keep 250 offering, which doesn’t look like your version
I dropped you an email, by the way, with an enquiry on it as I couldn’t figure out how to DM on this forum.

(John Borelli) #9

Yeah, since this is in the Keap forum…you can’t. They didn’t provide for it…at least not yet.