How can I get the available fields of Contact through api?

(Rajesh Hsejar) #1

Is there any api available to get the contact fields.

(Pav) #2

To get the Standard Contact Fields, you will have to manually enter them in your code.

To get the Custom Contact Fields, you can query the DataFormField API table (FormId = -1).

(Mike Christianson) #3

If you just want to see what’s available, see List Contacts (and click Show samples, if your browser window isn’t wide enough). You’ll see something like:

  "contacts": [
      "email_addresses": [
          "email": "string",
          "field": "EMAIL1"
      "contact_type": "string",
      "lead_source_id": 0,
      "birthday": "2017-07-11T21:37:44.991Z",
      "given_name": "string",
      "family_name": "string",

For custom fields on Contacts, see List Contact Custom Fields. Please note, you’ll need to use the TRY button if you want to see your custom fields rather than the example.

(Pav) #4
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