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(Michael Fairchild) #1

This topic will list helpful resources for information about the api. If a link does not work or you would like to have a link added, please comment below.

(Michael Fairchild) #2

(Jerel lorenzo) #3

The “User” table is missing ALL the fax fields field names? Are they buried in an object?
Chat has no answer.
I’ve already checked the Schema document, I encourage everyone else to do the same, the fields are not listed.

I tried “Fax2” the error logs said it wasn’t a field.

User table - any fax field names Please.

(John Borelli) #4

The User table does not have a fax field. It is not the same as a contact record. A contact record (which a user may and should have) has that information. But an Infusionsoft account user doesn’t need to have that information in the table because it is more appropriately represented in their corresponding contact record.

(Jerel lorenzo) #5

John, i’m going to have to disagree. If you go to users inside IS, you’ll see the native Fax fields. So they’re definitely somewhere, logic would dictate that it’s the User table.

(John Borelli) #6

Did you inspect the field name. It’s a contact field. Specifically, Contact0Fax1. Maybe that is separate to the user but the User table does not offer it. Keep in mind that many tables are actually views that collect values from more than one table.

(Michael Fairchild) #7

@John_Borelli @Jerel_lorenzo this thread is here to provide a list of resources to help you find answers quickly.

(John Borelli) #8

Yes, I understood that and was going to suggest the same but had considered that maybe Jerel didn’t have access to create one? I don’t know all the user rights so I wasn’t sure.

(Pav) #9

Hi Michael, several questions regarding this topic.

Are you going to list 3rd party sites, because Novak ( and some articles you had written in the past would be apparent? There are several other sites, but I cannot remember all the links as they were listed in the old forum.

And what about listing non-API related resources? One example is sometimes code is posted to help out with the Order Forms.

(Michael Fairchild) #10

@Pav, as long as it is relevant to the Infusionsoft API, it can be added.

(Wendy Walters) #11

I’m very great full for all of your help GOD BLESS