Help needed changing background color in IS storefront theme

(Tom Ish) #1

I have some products set up in Infusionsoft eCommerce, and the background color of the theme is blue. I need it to be changed to black to go with our website. The IS tech support says this should not be a problem for someone who knows coding. Thanks for anyone who can get back with me on this!

(John Borelli) #2

order form or shopping cart?

(Tom Ish) #3

Hello John -

I need the whole store background changed – where the products are listed,
the long description pages, and the order form. Please let me know if you
are able to do this and what it would cost.



(Delgesh_Shahab) #4

Hi @Tom_Ish,

What kind of shopping cart are you using?

(Tom Ish) #5

I’m using the Infusionsoft shopping cart.

(Delgesh_Shahab) #6

The updated background content. To do that — use the Appearane CSS stylesheet to change the background color code.

(John Borelli) #7


As we’ve discussed, and I don’t believe @Del_Chefv would be aware at this point, you will still need to edit the background image and host the version of the image you would like to use. It’s not programmatically created but rather loaded from a file so that “glow” that you want to keep but just change the color on will still have to be done by the method I’ve described. Just FYI