Have contact rejoin campaign where they left off

Let’s say I have a nurture campaign with 50 emails.

on day 20 the contact buys. they are added to the product buyer sequence. (And pulled from this nurture)

the get 5 buyer emails delivered.

now I want them to return to the nurture sequence beginning with email 21.

how can I get this done?

Thanks for your insights

In order to do that you would have to have a decision diamond in front of every email that you’re sending and you would have to have some sort of tag indicating with the last email they received. Then you would have to have them go into the sequence and for every email check to see if they have received that one before or not. If not, bypass and check the next one until they get to the point ready to restart into your campaign

Thanks Jeff

I think I’ve got it

Using custom fields instead of 50 tags, and a rejoin decision at the beginning of the campaign …

I send 3 emails per week. So each week is its own sequence. At most, someone will miss 2 emails - no biggie

thanks for all your help!