Global Settings - Defaults

(Jan Long) #1

Is it possible to set defaults for Global Settings? I’m a local business so 99% of my customers are English Speakers on GMT London time. I’m fed up with having to update every record. Is there a way to automatically fill these fields. Thanks

(James Mefford) #2

Hi @Jan_Long. This is a good question. Currently, there isn’t a default ‘global setting’ ability for this. There is a chance this could be something that we develop a solution for, though.

There may a way to accomplish this, with a 3rd party plug-in, but there is not currently an out-of-the-box way to automate this.

I want to see if I could have you share some feedback with us, on our official customer feedback form @

When you fill this out, please be sure to share how this would save you time, and keep your database organized.