Get referral links and tracking status via API

(Erik Pires) #21

thank you very much John_Borelli

(Pav) #22

Although you cannot get to those Links in the “My Sales Website” section, you could alternatively try to piece the data together.

One possible idea is that you could use the Referral Tracking Links data and combine it with the Affiliate data so that you could generate the links. It depends on how consistent you want the data, ie: Does every Affiliate have the same Links? Or does it vary?

It will require adding links into the Referral Tracking Links and assigning it to a Dummy or Real Affiliate so that you can use the API to get the links.

(Erik Pires) #23

yeah, i thought about that, but just guess how the links are wouldn´t be
enough, i needed to retrieve statistics for those links for the project tht
i´m working on

but thanks