Get contacts based on tags via REST API

(Himanshu Phirke) #1

@bradb Is there a way I can get contacts based on the tags using REST API?

Or I have to use legacy XML rpc only?

(John Borelli) #2

Not with REST, at least not yet anyway. You can,however, get this by querying the ContactGroupAssign table using the data object with the api.

(Bradley Booth) #3

This is currently being worked on. It should be released shortly.

(John Borelli) #4

Awesome to hear @bradb! Many asking about this one :wink:

(zach stradling) #5

That’s good to know, would it be possible to get a rough time estimate on this release?

days, weeks, months?

Just so I know if I should wait to try and build/ find a work around.


(Bradley Booth) #6

We do monthly releases currently, and we are just finishing this up. So I don’t think it be making August release. I will find out for sure and get back to this thread.