Enable the option I have permission to send marketing to this address

(Andre Mardonis) #1

How do I mark this field, using the infusion api? I have a php file and create the contact in the infusion, but I could not check this field so contacts do not receive my emails. Look below the image that shows the field that I need to mark through api in php

(John Borelli) #2

there is an optIn method in the api that you just need to pass the actual email address to which will single optin (shows up as “unconfirmed”) marketable status. This will NOT work on emails that have been previously opted out however.

(Andre Mardonis) #3

Do you have an example? Or the direct link?

(John Borelli) #4

All developer documentation can be found here:


(Mike Christianson) #5

@Andre_Mardonis You may find the following post helpful. API and Marketing Opt In