Email Template Default Font


(James Jefferson) #1

This is a bit mad for a marketing product, but why should marketers have to use Times New Roman (default) serif font face for email templates which include compulsory, un-editable code blocks, such as double optin. If you want to use a sans-serif font for emails (which IS team is not uncommon) then you can change most of your email template to a sans-serif font only to be forced to use the default font for the non-editable code snippet. This makes the email look ugly, and if your brand is all sans-serif this is just a complete no no. My brand agency wanted to use a custom font, but I said, sorry no can do, but I can use Helvetica, so updated all the email templates to discover that sometime I HAVE to use Times New Roman! What sane marketing product in this day and age doesn’t give you control over the look and feel of your communications. It’s not the '90’s guys you need to amend this or as soon as folks are getting serious about building a brand they will have to start using Mailchimp or Sendgrid etc, which only opens the door to a wider conversation about suitability for a credible growing brand which only leads to consideration for where to go next - Marketo? Seriously, design, UX, look and feel are important to communications. It’s obvious you’ve worked really hard to try and make all this stuff accessible to almost anyone, but please cover the basics too. I have been on chat a few times now trying to resolve this issue and every time I get nowhere. If there is a way to do this then I apologise for venting, but this is frustrating.

(James Jefferson) #2

Anyone else having this issue? Surely it’s not lost on everyone that in some places of your public facing comms you have no control at all of the fonts used in emails. Or am I missing something?

(Lara Adler) #3

Nope, you’re not alone! I’ve been equally frustrated by this as well… the default uneditable code blocks are extremely ugly