Email notification for new contacts


(Paul Weigel) #1

Good morning all, just had a quick inquiry…
I just got hired to help a small company with there technology needs, one of them being infusionsoft.

We get inquiries from our website, that become contacts in infusionsoft. We don’t get any kind of notification that the inquiry came through, or that a new contact has been created.

Is there a setting that will generate an email to our sales department (or admins for that matter), so that we are notified that someone has made an inquiry about our services?

Thank you,

(Martin Cash) #2

Hi @Paul_Weigel . Welcome to the community!

There a couple of ways to accomplish this. The easiest would be to open the web form in the campaign builder, click the Settings tab and add your email address in the Notification section.

(Paul Weigel) #3

That did the trick, much appreciated. Thanks.