Email Image Showing Up Blurry?


(Maggie) #1

I’m building an image for an email and it is showing up blurry no matter what size and/or resolution I set it at when I test run it. Am I doing something wrong? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

(Cheryl Hunt) #2

Is it a png or jpg? Sometimes png files don’t look as clear as a jpg version.

(Maggie) #3

PNG. I’ll try a jpg! Thanks!

(Cheryl Hunt) #4

Let us know if it works.

(Maggie) #5

Yes, it did! I do have one more question. Is there a preferred height for an image that will be dropped in an email? Thanks again.

(Cheryl Hunt) #6

Great! Height I’m not sure about. I just adjust the size that fits the space I need.

(Barbara Phillips) #7

The images were showing up blurry in my emails as well. I was told by someone in support that 960px wide was the ideal size. Have not had a problems since.