Email button leading to a landing page

(Aurelija Siugzdaite) #1

Hello there,

I am a new IS user, so I would appreciate if somebody could help me and explain how a few things work.

First of all, I am creating a newsletter campaign including a call to action in every e-mail: one is to schedule a meeting and another one is request a callback. After a button “request a call back” is clicked, I want to get my client to a landing page where it says that we’ll contact him/her soon. Then a task to call him/her back is created.

The sequence is like that: an email----" request a call back" button------ “success” landing page----task created

The problem is that I can’t locate this exact landing page I created (already published) when I try to associate my “request a call back” button with a landing page. I wonder whether an URL of this landing page work the same?

Or is it a better way to do what I want to do?

Thanks in advance!

(Timur Yatkovskyy) #2

Yes… Url is enough…paste and test it…

(Joe Gillespie) #3

Hi Aurelija,

If you’re talking about an Infusionsoft Landing page that you created and can no longer find, if it’s not in the drop-down then it probably didn’t save or has been deleted, in which case a URL might not work. You’d be best off creating another landing page and linking it up again.

If you have a website, you can create a landing page there and link to it using a URL. A lot of people like the slick Infusionsoft landing pages though. :slight_smile:


(Aurelija Siugzdaite) #4

Thank you!