Email Broadcast Stats Displays Different (Incorrect?) Number of Sent Emails than Batch Results


I sent out a series of broadcasts recently and was reviewing the stats for these today and was concerned when I discovered that the displayed number of emails sent tallied to be greater than the total number of contacts that it should have gone to.

On drilling down to investigate what went wrong I found that the number displayed in the Email Broadcasts summary page and the individual broadcast stats pages were displaying larger numbers of sent emails than if I clicked through into the list of emails sent which displayed the correct number.

This only happened on 3 out of 20 broadcasts sent on the same day.

Does anyone know what is going on here? I am concerned that some contacts may have received multiple copies of the same email.

Check this page. They are always having issues with the reporting numbers inside of the broadcast and the campaign areas. Sometimes they’re just wrong, sometimes are doubled, sometimes…