Deterring Spam Bots - All Suggestions Not Working

My website - since transferring to Keap Pro has been getting 2-3 spam form fill outs a day.

For reference, we we’re using constant contact or Hubspot for the past 3 years with no spam issues at all. The moment we transferred to Keap Pro we have been getting 2-3 spam contacts every day.

The spam is realistic spam, meaning they are all different and have legitimate emails and names but clearly spam so there’s no easy way to single them out.

We’ve followed the needed steps here -

And none helped. Duplicating forms and ensuring Google Recaptcha is on has done nothing and we are still getting spam.

Currently, I’m going to implement the honeypot method ( but would love if someone could look into why there is so much spam coming through our Keap forms when we never had an issue before?

These spam bots have became too sophisticated so simple honeypots are not useful anymore. Try SpamKill (, it stops all the spam submissions.