Deleting Categories

(Colin Cunningham) #1

Hello there community.

Thank you in advance.

I am struggling to find out how to delete tag categories in the new U/I. It may be a simple task but I have not found how to do this. If you could please assist?

Thank you.

(John Borelli) #2

The new UI has many functions that are still being added and while you can create a new category when you create tags, there isn’t currently a way to delete the categories (aside from using the api anyway)

(Colin Cunningham) #3

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.


(Andrew Kidd) #4

6 months later, is there an update on this?

(Martin Cash) #5

Try the URL below. Just change “yourappname”

(John Borelli) #6


I think you just let the genie out of the bottle bud lol