Customizing upsell buttons


(Jason Huett) #1

Does anyone know how to customize the upsell buttons? I’m trying to retitle the button to “add” instead of “buy now.” Thanks in advance!

(James Mefford) #3

Hey Jason, I did some quick troubleshooting and wanted to see if you could DM me (click on my profile pic and hit ‘Message’ to the right in the profile box) I would like to take a look at how your store and upsells look. I did some testing and it almost seems that you might have a custom built or 3rd party shopping cart connected to Infusionsoft, but I would like to take a look with you.

Can you DM me with possibly a link to your store, and a way to see the upsell button you are wanting to re-title?

(Jason Huett) #4

Hi James - I’m having trouble dm’ing you…I’m a newbie on this forum so I’m sending a regular message. Here’s a link to the order for:

I’m just trying to change the “buy now” buttons on the upsells to “add now.”

Does that make sense?

(James Mefford) #5

Clear as a bell. Thanks for the link. Sorry for the confusion on that. Looking into this to see if there is an option…

(James Mefford) #6

Well this would require a bit of custom coding in the order form theme HTML areas. I am not seeing any in the code examples that I have around, but I would be curious to see if any of our other community members might have some code examples that could be added to your orderform custom HTML areas that could reference the ‘Buy Now’ button when an upsell appears, allowing for you to customize it via the custom html.

(Jason Huett) #7

Thanks, James! I appreciate the feedback!

(John Borelli) #9

This most definitely can be done with javascript. The link you shared is specific to logging into your app but I would need the actual form link to look at the code to say more about it.