Custom Field API

(Phong Web) #1

Hi all.
I create contact with API
But i see ERROR: 10 - [NoFieldFound]No field found: Contact.mahang

Help me!

(Mike Christianson) #2

A little more detail would help me help you. Would you let me know which API you’re using, which endpoint/service, etc? Also, would you provide the HTTP request and payload you’re sending to the API? (Be sure to remove any sensitive bits you wouldn’t want to share publicly.) Thanks

(Phong Web) #3

Thank you for help.

I use iSDK
I have config file like that

<?php $connInfo = array('connectionName:applicationName:i:APIKEYGOESHERE:This is the connection for'); ?>

But i create new contact with normal field IS is correctly, and i try create new contact with custom field but not worked.
I use View the field database names (for the API) but don’t work
Please help!

(John Borelli) #4

Mahang would have to be a custom field. If that’s what you’re looking to write to then the field name must be preceeded by an underscore as in _mahang