Contact Password Field

(Michael Daly) #1


I am retrieving a contact using the following API endpoint:!/Contact/getContactUsingGET

The issue I am having is that I am not able to return the password field for the contact. I have tried a lot of combinations in the optional_properties parameter but none seem to work.

Is it possible to retrieve the password field like this? If so, can you help me with the field name I should be using in the option_properties paramter?

Thanks in advance.


(Tom Scott) #2

@Michael_Daly, going forward we won’t be supporting a plain-text stored password field in the Contact record, so it’s not represented in the REST API. You can use the XML-RPC API to retrieve it for now, but we suggest that, if you have a need to provide some kind of authentication/login system for a user who is related to a Contact locally, you adopt a standard identity provider that can guarantee security.

We use Apereo CAS to back Infusionsoft Accounts currently, but that’s probably more enterprise-y than most small companies require, and you can easily get along using Google Identity Platform, Facebook Login or other equivalent services to provide secure login flows without storing passwords locally.