Contact Password Field

(Michael Daly) #1


I am retrieving a contact using the following API endpoint:!/Contact/getContactUsingGET

The issue I am having is that I am not able to return the password field for the contact. I have tried a lot of combinations in the optional_properties parameter but none seem to work.

Is it possible to retrieve the password field like this? If so, can you help me with the field name I should be using in the option_properties paramter?

Thanks in advance.


(Tom Scott) #2

@Michael_Daly, going forward we won’t be supporting a plain-text stored password field in the Contact record, so it’s not represented in the REST API. You can use the XML-RPC API to retrieve it for now, but we suggest that, if you have a need to provide some kind of authentication/login system for a user who is related to a Contact locally, you adopt a standard identity provider that can guarantee security.

We use Apereo CAS to back Infusionsoft Accounts currently, but that’s probably more enterprise-y than most small companies require, and you can easily get along using Google Identity Platform, Facebook Login or other equivalent services to provide secure login flows without storing passwords locally.

(Michael Daly) #3

@TomScott thanks for getting back to me and sorry for the late response.

The information you provided makes sense and addresses a lot of the concerns I had with the API.

When you said I ‘can use the XML-RPC for now’, is it planned for deprecation in the future? Or can I use it on a long-term basis?

If the plan is to deprecate it or to remove the password functionality, then I will consider another solution now, otherwise, I will go ahead and use the XML-RPC.

Thanks again

(Tom Scott) #4

Yes, the XML-RPC API will be depreciated in favor of the REST API, although I don’t have a timeline I can provide at the moment.

(ron banks) #5

@TomScott, the link to this page was passed along to me as I’m maintaining quite a few older sites that utilize the XML-RPC API. Are there plans to deprecate this api, and if so when?

(ron banks) #6

@TomScott, great, so are we talking about days, weeks, years, decades? Can you narrow it down a bit? ;-}

(ron banks) #7

@TomScott, great, so are we talking about days, weeks, years, decades? Can you narrow it down a bit? ;-}