Cleanup of large number of Tags?


(Tish 'not your ordinary' Tom Tischer) #1

Long time user - but ineffective use. My fault. I am rededicating myself and others to real estate solutions in infusionsoft. I courrenty have 2900 contacts in the system with poor tagging.

I have 7,000 contacts, Linkedin, and Facebook — How and where should I start?

I am old and a novice. I have had in the past but not produced the results I want.

I want a CRS referral system incorporated with their new crm on my infusionsoft.

And I want a some new pages on my web site for IDX DIrt, lots, large acreage etc. .

Can I use a web site domain as pages under my website:

(Camille Shieff) #2

Honestly, I would suggest starting by cleaning up your tags and your current list. Otherwise, you’ll simply be adding additional data to the (self-professed) mess you already have.

There are numerous resources on the web regarding tag strategy and Infusionsoft, but the one I’m recommending is on Infusionsoft’s own blog and was written by long-time Infusionsoft automation ninja, Paul Sokol.

Check it out and see if it might help getting you started in the right direction. At the very least, you should have a clearer understanding of what you need to achieve your goal and everyone here will have a better understanding of how we can help!!

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Dear Camille, Friday July 7,2017

Thank You for taking the time to answer my basic questions. I will dig into
this contribution by Paul Sokol and hopefully Casey Doty can help me as
well as I get a handle on the system and eventually benefit for the dollars
I have invested in Infusionsoft.

I assume you live in Chandler? I am never too busy for any of your
referrals needing to sell or buy homes or land in Arizona.

Aloha, Tish

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I’m glad this was helpful to you. Please feel free to open another discussion if you need more assistance.

And, no. I don’t even live in Arizona!! I am a Certified Partner and I live in Texas.

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Thank You Camille,

If you get in the Austin Area, you will like the home communities my son is
building: -Really cool! Tish

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