Change a link in a sent broadcast email

We’ve got a hyperlink wrong in a sent broadcast email…I remember some time ago I found the IS links generated for the hyperlinks in the emails and I was able to switch its destination to the correct place. I cannot for the life of me find that list now…any ideas where it is?


This is kind-of a tricky one, but totally doable.

If you add the ‘Recent Activity’ widget to your dashboard, you should hopefully see that some contacts have clicked this incorrect link. You will be able to click on the link in the recent activity widget, and this will open the Automation Link settings, where you can change the link name and destination. Once you save, anyone who clicks the link in the existing email will direct to the correct url.

Here is a quick example. I sent out an email broadcast and set a hyperlink to head to In the video, I show finding this in my recent activity widget, and changing it. Check this out.

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That’s very helpful thank you. Will practice it!

James - unfortunately had to use this technique today (our website server was unhelpfully switched over in the middle of the day, killing a few links). It worked perfectly and really limited the damage by quickly replacing the destination of an email hyperlink. Very grateful.


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Before the “Keap” update, we were able to edit links in broadcasts that had already been sent out, so long as we did not change the class=“inf-track-######” on that link. Now, when I edited a link and keep the class the same, the new link is not reflected in the email that was already sent out. Instead, a NEW link url is applied that looks something like ", but the redirect still goes to the original link.

What is the appropriate way to update links after this recent change?


I am having the same problem, updating the link doesn’t affect the campaign that was already sent anymore. How do we update links after sending out a broadcast?