Can I create a survey to send to prospects using Infusionsoft?


(Nam Phan) #1

I’d like to survey past leads on why they chose not to use our service. This would be a simple 5 question survey. Each question would include 3-5 answers from which the recipient could choose (radio buttons or drop down) an answer along with a comment box for additional details.

Is this possible?

(James Mefford) #2

Sounds like a simple survey. You should be able to accomplish this, by creating custom fields, as this will allow you to create custom Radio fields, or custom Dropdown fields, that you will easily be able to put on a webform.

If you create the custom fields for this (as type; Radio or type; Dropdown) the data will be stored in the contact’s record, when they fill out the form, which gives you numerous options for viewing/searching/exporting the data.

(John Borelli) #3

You can definitely create this as @James_Mefford has described. Additionally, you can trigger automation to do additional things based on their answers right in Infusionsoft.

(Nam Phan) #4

Thanks John and James. What’s the best way to learn how to do this?

Thank you.


(John Borelli) #5

Infusionsoft has a lot of tutorials in video and blog format. One that might help to get the ball rolling would be:

(James Mefford) #6

I did a webinar on this once. The webinar surrounded creating a simple survey with a webform, and then we build some dashboard widgets to monitor the results.

Might be something to check out

(Jim Hohl) #7

Another really effective approach is the one-question survey where you ask a yes or no question (or another a/b option) and then trigger automation based on the single click. It’s an easy thing for the reader to do so you might get better click rates.