Blank page after file download on mobile


Did anybody else notice what happens on mobile(android), after a contact clicks on a CTA button/link to download a file? Completely nothing from my testings(image attached). A black, blank page and no notifications that the file was downloaded.

I wonder how many contacts are confused and asking themselves if the file was even downloaded. They can go and check into their download folder, but not many know where to go in my opinion.

Is there anything that can be done to at least notify the contact? Any help/ideas on how to fix this will be much appreciated.

Thank you,


That is the way the direct download works - on desktop too. Just a blank screen and auto-download.

I always load my content elsewhere and link to it. So instead of attaching a pdf directly to the email, I’ll include and link to that.

you can trigger an email to the contact if they click the link (by setting a tag when they click) but that behavior is how google behaves for a direct download and IS/Keap has no influence over that. If you want IS/Keap to be able to handle the followup you’d need to upload the file into IS/Keap and use their download link, not store and download it from google.

Thank you both for the input. I will use a custom url for the download part, where I can also create an automatic redirect or something.