Best way to combat spam form submissions?

Recently, we started getting thousands of spam submissions to one of our forms, daily.

Google captcha doesn’t work. The submissions are not coming through our website, but via the Influsionsoft-hosted URL.

We’ve replaced the form with a new one several times already and are manually deleting the spammy contacts on a daily basis.

However, this is time consuming.

The best would be if we could segment those contacts based on “username contains”, IP address or other and then either auto-delete them or exclude them from further communication.

Is this possible or is there a better way?

Thank you!

SpamKill will put an to spam submissions permanently, comes with 90-day free trial -

A short explanation why google recaptcha does not work - it does not throw challenge to every submission. It shows the challenge only for the submissions it feels spammy, mostly when repeated submissions are made from the same IP. Spam bots have a huge network of IPs, thanks to hidden malware and viruses on millions of machines around the world.

So recaptchas are not a hurdle for spam bot submissions, because they don’t repeat the IP that often.

On the other hand, a genuine user could be caught in the recaptcha loop and might have to solve the challenge 2-3 times before being able to subscribing to your content.

Hi, @Jeff_Bullas,

We’re about three weeks away from releasing a new product that works differently than anything else out there.

– Guarantees that a human is submitting the form (not a bot)
– Allows you to select the level of submissions based on the activity associated with the email (ie common complainers, spam traps, non responsives etc…you choose who’s allowed to be added to your list).
– Self validates the email fields
– Prevents invalid and spam emails BEFORE they can be added to your list
– NO RECAPTCHA or any other interfering method
– NO messing with copy/paste of the form code
– All handled in realtime before invalid emails have a chance to hit your list…and will prevent anything you specify from getting into your list.

Currently we’ll be starting this with our WP plugin that only requires the use of a short code and then expanding it to code snippets and endpoint implementations.

All of that is to say that if you’d like, I can put you on our list of those that have requested to be notified upon it’s release :wink:

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Hi @John_Borelli!

Sounds interesting ! If this is an Infusionsoft product, yes, please put me on the “notify me” list.

Will be happy to :wink:

If just PMing you here is preferred then that’s fine but if you’d like an email then PM what your preferred email would be and I’ll be sure to do that.