Best Appointment Scheduling Software?

(Cindy Glover) #1

Hi everyone!

We’ve been using AppointmentCore since we’ve started using IS in 2016 - I really can’t say anything “bad” about it but I’m seeing so many other systems that appear to be so much more user friendly and “prettier”. :blush:

I didn’t really go seeking for another system, this was found by other colleagues sending me meeting requests and I felt a bit jealous LOL.

So, if you had to choose - What would be or is your go to system?

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(Cheryl Hunt) #2

I can’t say enough for ScheduleOnce. It’s a little more pricey but not hard to keep it very affordable if you only get what you use. They are so responsive and development-forward. It’s all we use for our businesses and our clients.

(John Borelli) #3

We’ve used AppointmentCore quite successfully for years but it sounds like ScheduleOnce has a more complete solution for scheduling. Those are really the two top picks :wink:

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(Cindy Glover) #4

Yes!! I jumped on their system and they offer a 14 day free trial, had it setup ready to go in minutes.

Just need to integrate with IS and we’re all set for more than HALF the price and even more functionality!

Very pleased!

Cindy Glover
Office Manager

LOPCO Contracting

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(Cindy Glover) #5

We found it cheaper to use but we use only use one booking link at this time.

The additional charges we’ll incur are for sms reminders (we did not utilize that service with AC). Even then, we were paying @ $50 a month?

But yes, I am very happy so far!!

Can’t thank you enough for the recommendation!!

Cindy Glover
Office Manager

LOPCO Contracting

Office: (401) 270-2664

Cell: (401) 659-6301

(Cheryl Hunt) #6

I’m glad you’re happy, Cindy! And you’re doing it exactly right…just use and pay for what you use. If growth necessitates more booking calendars, Users, etc…the extra cost shouldn’t matter because growth means more funds are available. Usually once people start using ScheduleOnce, it’s tough to go back to anything else.

(Jason Hartman) #7

I agree, it’s okay but there are better systems out there. We would likely switch if there was something else that integrated with Infusionsoft, do you know of anything?

(Cindy Glover) #8

I’ve decided to switch over to Schedule Once…

It’s pretty easy to setup and yes, integrates with InfusionSoft.

Has 14 Day trial as well.

(Edward Milgram) #9

Great choice. We were customers of AC for a long time but when it stopped working, despite good intentions to support us, they were never able to figure out the issues. We then moved to ScheduleOnce and since then it has worked well for us.

(Cindy Glover) #10

I’m very excited!

Our Newsletter that goes out in the morning will have the new link!

I know the system has MANY other features that I’ve not dared to explore yet - But I’ll get there.

Is there anything you can recommend (other than the “regular” booking link) that I’d find useful?

(Santiago A. Naranjo) #11

Hi Cindy,

It appears that you found another solution that works for you, and that’s awesome. I just thought I’d throw in another solution that I fell in love with. It’s called AppointLet. I started using them a few years ago when they first came out and have stayed with them since. They’re lesser known that the other 2 that are mentioned on this board; however, they come fully integratabtle with I.S., they’re quite “pretty,” and have several really cool advanced features… PLUS they’re more affordably priced than most of their competitors. Anyhoo, if you find yourself ever wanting to explore another alternative, I encourage you to check them out :-).