Applying tag when link is clicked in html builder

(Ben Fleming) #1

When using the html email builder I am trying to add automation links so that when users click the links a tag gets applied to them. However, when I add the automation link it does not allow me to send a test or send the email out.

Here is a screenshot showing what I am trying to do.

Any help on how I can achieve this on the html builder would be appreciated.

(Martin Cash) #2

Try taking the merge field out of the <a> tag…So remove all the <a href="..."></a> business.

(Ben Fleming) #3

Hi, the merge field works when it is outside of the a tag. It displays the url and allows the tag to be applied.

But what I am trying to achieve is when someone clicks an image or in-text link a tag gets applied. Is there any other way I can do that in the html builder. Is there something I can add to a URL that applies tags?

(Martin Cash) #4

You set all that up when building the automation link:

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(Ben Fleming) #5

Perfect, thanks!