API Token stopped working

(Arthur Barlow) #21

Again getting the token works at my office and elsewhere but not at my developers office, however it did as recent as two weeks ago. Any other ideas or solutions on how we can keep this progressing knowing that we are a ICP and can’t do the API from Account Central?

(Bradley Booth) #22

I completely understand what you are saying, is it possible to have your developer join this thread and give us the exact postman requests, responses including headers. Also I would make sure you are sending over the exact redirect_uri in the token request that you used to obtain an authorization code. Also I got word back from Mashery that they are not blocking that IP.

(Arthur Barlow) #23

Here is the process we are doing:

  • We send the request from our desktop software to get the authorization code with launches a dedicated browser window for the Infusionsoft login/allow API authorization
  • We intercept the redirect prior to it going to insurewithcompass.com and get the authorization code and then post everything as shown in the postman image attached

Do you see any issues?

(Bradley Booth) #25

We removed the image because it contained the secret, but we took a copy first. From the image we can’t see what the request content is. Can you verify that it is x-www-form-urlencoded? Also they values should not be added as query params.

(Bradley Booth) #26

Ok we ran some of our testing based on some assumption from your screenshot and were able to reproduce your error. First don’t use query params, second make sure you post the form data as x-www-form-urlencoded with the proper formatting. Then it should work.