API code Rejected

(Alida Lambooy) #1

Hi, I have submitted my company and details for an API code, but it was rejected. What would be the reason for that to happen? How do I resubmit as all the info will stay the same.

(John Borelli) #2

How many have you applied for? The first one you create is automatic. Subsequent ones go under review. If you have been creating a number of them (and/or deleting) then it is likely to get rejected.

(Alida Lambooy) #3

Hi John,

It is my first one, and I am so new to this techy stuff that I only follow instructions and I need the API code for my Thrive theme. Do you think I can reapply with exactly the same info?
I would greatly appreciated your feedback.

Kind regards

(John Borelli) #5

If it were me, and going by what I know from your description, I would try creating a different account (different email, id and pw) and run the first to see if you don’t get a different result.

(Alida Lambooy) #6

thanks John, just want to check if is the correct way how I do apply for the API code?

(Alida Lambooy) #7

HI do I get a client ID?

(John Borelli) #8

This video discusses the workflow process in detail: