API Calls to Create Deals within Pipeline

(Jason Gates) #1


Trying to find API documentation that will allow me to insert / update deal information within the pipeline.

This is what I was using: https://developer.infusionsoft.com/docs/rest/ - but I dont see anything about Deals or Pipeline within this documentation… is the new UI stuff in the API?



(Tom Scott) #2

No, we don’t currently have endpoints exposed for the new Pipeline service. We’re looking at how best to provide them, and will make an announcement when they are available for integrators.

(Jason Gates) #3


I am trying to find “Opportunities” (which is in the API Documentation), but all my research points to it being part of InfusionSoft Classic only and not the new version?

My goal is to track a sale process via the API in the new platform… Is there a way to go about it?



(Nicholas Trecina) #4

Hi @Jason_Gates, I’m sorry for the confusion around opportunities and the pipeline. Feature wise, opportunities are only available in Infusionsoft Classic and the deal pipeline is only available in New Infusionsoft. The REST API only has support for opportunities. Adding support for the deal pipeline is on our roadmap.

(Jason Gates) #5


Should i wait to build a big integration for the new system to handle deals? I am guessing opportunities will eventually be retired and I am going to have to refactor my code if I build to that?



(Todd Barsalou) #6

Hey Jason, Yes if you build with opportunities you are going to have to refactor it for the pipeline that is in the new Infusionsoft UI. Currently it looks like the API for Pipeline will not be available till late this year. So if you are wanting to get customers now I would build using opportunities then use the Pipeline API when it becomes available later.

(Colby Culbertson) #7

Any updates on this? Is there something that will be taking the place of opportunities to move a pipeline in the new infusionsoft?