Adding Terms and Conditions to a Landing Page

(Linda Napier) #1

I want my customers to be able to approve terms and conditions before continuing on to the shopping cart. So far I haven’t figured out a smooth path. Is a Landing page with the T&C’s the answer? If they click to buy the T&C’s should come next but then how do they continue on to the shopping cart after they accept? I was trying to put all of this into a campaign but I’m stumped.

Thank you so much! I’m hoping this isn’t the puzzle I think it is!


Adding terms and conditions to a shopping cart
(Martin Cash) #2

Most of the time, it would be placed in the footer of the checkout page and be set to required in order to complete the purchase.

Put this code in the Custom Checkout Bottom HTML section


<div align=right><font size=4px><input id="checkBox" type="checkbox" required> “I agree to the <a href="">Terms and Conditions</a>”</font></div>


(Linda Napier) #3

Hello Martin,

I have followed your directions and put this code in the Custom Checkout Bottom HTML section. I notice that you said it needs to be “set” to required. I didn’t see anywhere to “set” that requirement. I did notice that it says required within the code. Is that what you meant? How/where can I change the link so it will go to my Terms and Conditions page?

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Linda Napier

(Martin Cash) #4

You are correct. It is already set to required.

Change “” to point to your own terms and conditions page.

(Linda Napier) #5

Thank you!!!


(Ryan Herche) #6


I would like to add our terms and conditions to a shopping cart product, along with a checkbox next to “I agree to these Terms of Enrollment” that the user must check to complete the purchase.

Do you know how I can set this up?


(Martin Cash) #7

Hey, @Ryan_Herche. Directions for adding a terms and condition checkbox is above. You can add product-specific text in the description text areas when setting up a product. Check out step 6 of this article:

(Linda Napier) #8

Thank you!!!