Adding date and time to an email

(Shawn Slattery) #1

In my campaign I would like to add the date and time of a scheduled estimate in the email. When the prospect calls in I gather their information. During the phone conversation I’ve determined a date and time for a site visit so we can determine the scope of work and provide an estimate.

I’ve created a separate internal form and sequence which goes out immediately. I would like to remind the prospect of the agreed upon date and time in each of the emails I send.

How do I add the date and time to the email so it shows up on the prospects end?

(Martin Cash) #2

Hi, Shawn. You could just add a date/time custom field and merge it into the email.


You could then use a Field Timer in your sequence to time the reminder emails around the value in the date/time field on their contact record :star_struck:


(Shawn Slattery) #3


Dude thank you. Worked like a champ! I appreciate your timely response.