Adding contact record when a purchaser enters their guest information in a campaign form

Hi there,

Does anyone know if you can add/create a contact record using the name and email address someone enters into a form in a campaign? Let me give some background…

We have a LIVE event taking place in OCT, people purchase tickets to this event. However several people will purchase multiple tickets (for themselves and those they have attending with them). Once they purchase they are taken to a form where they can enter the name and email address of the people who will be attending with them. We currently have that information stored in custom fields on the purchasers profile. However we need to create the personalized ticket for each attendee AND send them reminders of the event and sessions they wish to attend.

Do we need to create a contact record for the guests, in order to email them directly? We sometimes will broadcast out special events that have been added to the main event (so they can sign up for free for those session) up until the time of the event in OCT. These new contact records will not be marketable we just need to be able to send them info related to this event. OR, Can we send a email to an email address contained in a custom field? I don’t know why I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to handle this situation…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!