Add to customer type list

(Paul Misner) #1

Right now, the contact type fields are lead, customer, other. Is there a way to add new selections to this field, like partner, reseller, etc. ?
Thanks in advance.

(Martin Cash) #3

Hi, @Paul_Misner. Those contact types were put in place to help new customers start some basic segmentation without having to know how to manage tags or create lists. It sounds you’re beyond this basic segmentation and should move on to setting up tags and creating lists to segment your contacts.

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(Paul Misner) #4

Thanks so much. I’ll do that this weekend.

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(Marc P Summers) #5

@Paul_Misner - You can add or edit contact types here -

EDIT: I notice now that this was a ‘Keap’ question and not an Infusionsoft question - so my solution will not work - sorry :frowning: