40% Invalid Email addresses from recent import

I’m getting a very large number of Invalid Emails from a recent import.

These were collected at a live event from people who want to receive more information. 40% seems like a really large percentage.

First, I added the contacts manually. Chat support suggested maybe there was a “latency” issue with adding so many contacts at one time.

So, I deleted all of the contacts with Invalid Email addresses and imported them from a CSV document I created. All of the contacts came back with the same Invalid Email address notification.

Anyone have any clever ideas on how to resolve this?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, @Mary_Sheila_Gonnella. The “invalid” status means the email address isn’t formatted correctly…like forgetting the “@” symbol or the “.com, .net, .whatever” at the end. Are you saying that these emails are formatted correctly, but flagged as “invalid”?

Correct. They are formatted correctly.

And yes, they are being flagged as “invalid”

@martinc - Any suggestions?

I’m sorry, I don’t, @Mary_Sheila_Gonnella. I spoke to a Support rep who has seen it happen when importing email addresses that had a blank space on the end - but I wasn’t able to duplicate it. I would call into Support and speak to someone. It probably has to do with how they were initially entered…was it through an API? Infusionsoft won’t let you manually add a new contact with an invalid email, but it will let you import an invalid email like… me@@somewhere.com. Wish I could be of more help. I tried tricking Infusionsoft to display an invalid message by importing a csv with spaces in the email address field and couldn’t get the same results you did.

Yeah, blank spaces or really any unprintable character (tab, enter, etc) would do that. Imports and API are the most likely but I can’t rule out that they’re just being mis-identified either.

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@John_Borelli thanks. That’s not the issue. The first time I manually entered them. No way that 40% were entered incorrectly or with spaces or tabs.

Then deleted the “invalid” ones, created a CSV of the errant contacts, imported them, and same results for all of them.

Seems very weird.

@martinc thanks for trying. Still haven’t figured it out.

Try saving the .csv in Google Sheets rather than MS Excel?

I had an issue with uploading a file (didn’t get as far as invalid email) but the upload kept erroring out.

IS said they couldn’t help because they said something about a 3rd party so therefore, out of their hands…

Curious to know if it works!

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