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    Question Integrating With Five9 Call Center Software - HTTP POST vs API?

    Hey Team,

    At an interesting crossroad in figuring out how to integrate Infusionsoft with the popular call center software Five9.

    At first glance, it seems the HTTP POST functionality via web form is the perfect solution but I've found very limited documentation on this feature and have run into some issues:

    1) How can I map HTTP POST info to specific fields?

    It seems as if the Infusionsoft HTTP POST simply DUMPS all information and then you have to sort it out on the other end- is there a way to map the data BEFORE/DURING the post? Here's an example:

    Instead of just doing a complete dump of the post, I could use a statement like this:

    Blue = Infusionsoft Field/Data
    Red = Five9 Field It Goes Into

    2) It also seems there is no option to HTTP Post the 2nd or 3rd phone numbers?

    This is critical as I collect 2 phone numbers (the 2nd one usually being the cell phone number) and I want to make sure I am trying to reach all leads at BOTH phone numbers provided.

    Is there any way to HTTP POST Phone2 and Phone3?

    ************************************************** *****

    Thank you in advance for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated!

    Kevin Blue

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    You would need an intermediary processing script to receive the post data from Infusionsoft and pass it on to Five9. I'm not sure if Five9 supports passing multiple phone numbers, you would have to check their documentation.

    I have just completed an API project that pulled IS data via the API and passed it to Five9. Here's the core functionality for that code:

    PHP Code:
    function sendToCallCenter($contact) {
    $phoneNumbersOnly preg_replace('/[^0-9]/'''$contact['Phone']);
        if (
    strlen($phoneNumbersOnly) != 10)
    $f9Url "";
    $f9Params sprintf("F9domain=%s&F9list=%s&F9retResults=1&first_name=%s&last_name=%s&number1=%s",
    "yourdomain"urlencode("Your List"), 
    urlencode($contact['FirstName']), urlencode($contact['LastName']), $phoneNumbersOnly);
    $url $f9Url $f9Params;
    $ch createCurl($url);
    $output curl_exec($ch);
    $output// you probably want to do something special with this

    createCurl($url) {
    $ch curl_init($url);


    P.S. I could not get an HTTP POST to work with Five9. I had to use HTTP GET.
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    What about the Phone2 and Phone3 fields?

    Hey Juan,

    Thanks for the advice and sample code, it is greatly appreciated.

    What about Phone2 and Phone3, is that data passed along?

    (from this document it appears infusionsoft only passes the first phone number?

    Is it possible to pass Phone2 and Phone3?

    Thanks for your assistance.


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    Certified Developer Infusionsoft Certified ConsultantInfusionsoft Certified Consultant Juan Sutton's Avatar
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    You'll need to use the API to query Infusionsoft (using the ContactId) to pull Phone2 and Phone3.
    Juan Sutton
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    Fields passes with HTTP Post Action

    Do the same contact fields pass to the HTTP Post URL as show here:

    when the action is triggered manually from within the contact profile as I am not seeing the fields being passed?

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    This post is interesting. That could prove useful to many. I have already shared this for future reference that I may require. Thanks!



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