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    fusebox integration vs. zendesk

    Does anyone have experience with fuse desk? It appears to be a great integration with IS but the not sure the value is there...their lowest package is $97/mth. We use zendesk for $9/ doesn't integrate with IS but is fuse desk it really worth the extra mula?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated,

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    I can say myself that I have used Zendesk and love it. Though there isn't direct integration with Infusionsoft ... I haven't seen a real need for it yet. Yes, I'd prefer it... but to pay $97 per month for Fusebox for not REALLY needing anything else? I'll pay the $20 per YEAR for Zendesk thank you.

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    I use Zendesk and I've integrated the remote login stuff with Infusionsoft via there Custom Authentication settings. I guess it all depends on what your trying to automate. I'm sure Fusebox is way more capable of the things it can do with Infusionsoft vs what I've done.

    But if you have the programming know how, Zendesk does have an API so in theory you could pretty much do whatever you want integration wise.

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    Thanks for the's funny, b/c I posted this back in October. We have since migrated (Novemeber 2011) over to FuseDesk and have not looked back. The integration is amazing, we are able to create entire case histories within a prospect or customers infusionsoft record, when replying to a ticket you can select from your list of infusionsoft templates to use, run action sets from IS, create notes etc. and it all integrates with the contact record.

    It may not be for everyone but we have a doctor's office, lab and staff that all need to have access to the full story of what is going on with a customer so it's very organized for everyone.

    In retrospect it's funny that I commented about the $97, it's pennies compared to the value and ROI we've seen.

    Plus the creator, Jeremy Shapiro, is amazingly in tune with the needs and changes of infusionsoft users and the customer support they provide is a model we aim to match.

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    Thanks for the update Styler, I'm about to give FuseDesk a try and will let all know what we think. We are currently using, and it's alright. It would be great to have it all in one place rather than logging in to two different systems.

    I haven't set it up yet, but are you able to have a centralized Inbox with all your tickets within Infusionsoft?

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    I am also considering moving from Zendesk to have everything in one place. Does Fusedesk also allow you to build an online knowledgebase for your customer to browse through like Zendesk?

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    Bppro and Dgambino, and anyone wanting Zendesk integrated with Infusionsoft with their awesome prices...

    Comment at this link and give it a thumbs up:

    It's a feature request to the Zendesk team to integrate.

    I have no doubt Fusedesk probably has some great capabilities... however I get the feeling for most businesses it's just not worth the difference in price compared to ZenDesk (for us, it definitely isn't. For Styler I can see why they would use it; completely makes sense.)

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