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    Executive Dashboard

    I am fairly new to InfusionSoft, so this may be obvious, and I apologize if it's already been discussed on this messageboard... I am looking for a way to create an Executive dashboard to easily track key metrics for our company. Given the fact that we use InfusionSoft for all marketing and e-commerce, the data should be there, I just need to figure out how to get the information presented in a single report. Also, is there anyway to bring in Google Analytics to the InfusionSoft reports?

    My fear is the answer to these questions is going to be the API. That is our running joke here, that everything is answered by the API as a catch-all.

    Some of the metrics I'd like to see include (I'd love suggestions on others):

    - cost/acquisition
    - customer lifetime value
    - customer satisfaction
    - Marketing spending metrics cost/impression, reach, frequency,
    - Bounce rate
    - Site visits, unique, returns, etc
    - Conversion rate

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