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    Ning & Infusionsoft Integration

    Hey Guys,

    Is there anyone out there who can get Ning and Infusionsoft integrated with one another?

    Ning has an open API... they said it would come down to the infusionsoft side for it to work.

    Basically, all that would have to happen for us is this: when someone signs up for a username and password and/or creates all their profile information, all of it is added to infusionsoft just like any other Infusionsoft order form. It would be as though the ning webform is just the same as the infusionsoft webform... just that it sets up the data for both systems.

    Anyone have solutions? Anyone able to create a solution?

    Please write here and provide some info and/or quotes on what it would take.

    I'd be happy to e-mail you personally too to move this further.

    Thank you,


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    Just for the heads up, you can use the marketplace if you do not have any luck here.

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    If you can spec it we can build it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SalesExpert View Post

    If you can spec it we can build it.
    Hi, We are having a similar requirement and will write down the specs.
    Please inform the hourly price charged for integration between IS and Ning.



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