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    HTTP Post Not working


    I'm trying to count a goal inside of Google Analytics using an HTTP Post with utm_ variables.

    The goals are being counted for several other vendors but not when I use Infusionsoft's HTTP Post function in the campaign builder.

    The reporting url is:

    And the Google Analytics goal is configured to count a visit to this page as a goal inside of Google Analytics.

    This HTTP Post is set to run after a form is submitted that contains the source of the above variables as well as another HTTP Post that I've set up to run after the inital HTTP Post that will hit a page on my site where I count the number of hits and increment the number by 1 (essentially a counter).

    When I submit the form the counter (from the second HTTP Post) increases but the page load doesn't seem to be happening for the first HTTP Post and it definitely isn't getting counted inside of Google Analytics.

    I hired a third party Google Analytics specialist to evaluate the situation and his determination was that the problem was likely that:
    1. Infusionsoft's useragent was being seen by Google as a bot and thus ignored;
    2. When Infusionsoft does the http post they are not loading the page but rather just hitting the url. If they don't load the page then the ga.js file won't run and it won't execute the Google Analytics java-script that parses the url and moves the query parameters along to Google Anlaytics.

    Does anyone have any idea on how I can proceed with finding out what the problem really is and if it is Infusionsoft how I can fix it?

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    Cannot exactly say what the problem is here. But my suggested workaround to this problem would be to do a HTTP Post to another script, in which in turn does the necessary work in calling the webpage. The cURL functions can be used here, which can also set the User Agent if need be.
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    Sounds interesting. I see that you're an API Helper. Any chance I could buy an hour of your time and have you explain that to me a little more fully?



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